What People Say

“I just wanted to say Thank you and extend congratulations to a very well written article. It’s so good we would like to put it on our website if you agree. We have had about a dozen calls in response to your article  — all very appreciative of it. You did a great job in putting the facts down in a condense and cohesive way.”
Lou Maieron
Silver Creek Aquaculture Inc.

“I would like to tell you how much of a difference your creative skills have made to the message & image of our company, STANMECH Technologies.  After a very productive initial meeting, you concisely identified our needs, prioritized the various projects involved and recommended a tremendous graphics designer to assist us with the entire project. I have been both pleased and amazed at the progress we have made so far. In a exceptionally short time frame of the past six months, we have completed a number of
important projects including, developing a new corporate look, including two revitalized Web sites, business cards, letterhead & assorted other
identification pieces, creating two editions of a ‘new look’ newsletter in both HTML & print versions, as well as being well on the way to developing a new corporate brochure/leave behind piece and the requisite product technical data sheets for each of our products. Throughout this process, you have provided an insightful and practical writing and editing style that has helped us turn a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo into readable, understandable data in a very professional form and format. Thanks to you, our technical sales staff has information to provide our customers that we can all be very proud of. Thank you for the great work; it is indeed a pleasure to work with you.”
Paul Subject
STANMECH Technologies Inc.

“You are the editor of our magazine for many reasons. This is just one of them! You tweaked in the areas that were giving me the most difficulty and it now works wonderfully. What I like about your style is its chameleon-like ability. You continue in the voice of the writer.”
Victoria Kaye, Style Editor, 
Caledon Living 

“Lynn and I want to compliment you and thank you for your original ideas and guidance which are embodied in this effort [a marketing flyer]. We appreciate you and your work.”
Lynn and John Drewry

“Thank you for putting in words so perfectly what I feel is the heart and soul of my life’s work. You are truly a gifted writer.” 
Cindy Storey,
Kindred Spirits Holistic Spa

“What a beautifully written article! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. I am always scared of ’the disabled photographer does well’ kind of story, but you gave it so much dignity and interest. It made me very proud.” 

“Our first issue of The Lakeshore Villages was a huge success! A large part of that is due to your writing. Thank you, again, for all your hard work on these stories… I will be in touch with you shortly regarding assigning stories for the up-coming issue.”
Halyna Parypa,
Piper Group Inc. Communication and Design Services

“Thanks for all your help and your quick responses. Good customer service is alive and well!”
Wendy Nunn,
Oakville Literacy Council